5 Reasons To Call Your Attorney General on Tuesday, March 29

Tomorrow is the day where you and thousands of people will call our Attorneys General to demand a strong settlement against the big banks. Why is your phone call so important?

  1. The 50 state AG’s are starting negotiations with the big banks to hammer out settlement details NOW.
  2. A settlement decision could be made as early as May!
  3. The big banks are going to do everything they can to weaken any settlement that holds them accountable. (They are already crying foul against the first soft settlement proposed by the 50-state Attorneys General in early March.)
  4. A strong settlement means that millions of homeowners who are the victims of fraudulent mortgages could stay in their homes, while millions more could receive restitution.
  5. A weak settlement means that those responsible for perpetrating massive mortgage fraud would continue to get away with their crimes.

Tomorrow’s Details

Who: YOU + thousands of others
What: Call your Attorney General and demand a strong settlement with the big banks.
Where: From your work, home, or place of business
When: Tomorrow, March 29th
Why: Because the Attorneys General must hold the big banks accountable.
How: The phone number, a sample telephone script, and other details will be sent to you tomorrow morning.

Call your Attorney General tomorrow to demand they choose a side: the homeowners they’ve sworn to protect or the big banks that broke the law and bankrupted the economy.

To see the full list of settlement demands, please visit The Homeowner’s Bottom Line.


  1. dave williams
    March 28, 2011

    everyone deserves permant modification,i have hsbc oversea bank they will not give permanent mods.i have joined in on the mass lawsuit against hsbc,this is a shame if ask me they just dont care what happens to people,would someone stop this mess and make them let people keep there americandream,these banks have turned it into american nightmare.hope all people get a rate they can afford and there homes at what they worth to sell in the market today.down with all mers loans and the banks who owen them,payback time for all people who have been scamed.power to the people.

  2. augie alvarez
    March 28, 2011

    If you figure that the banks have bought and paid for their politicians, and the attorneys general run for office, that means that although attorneys general are attorneys, they are politicians as well, thus bought and paid for by big banks. it sound like a ring of fire to me. Of course they can go after the little guys and be told to shut up by the BOSS Fatcats. Welcome back Al Capone!

  3. KD
    March 29, 2011

    It seems like it has all been said. If you do not stand up and fight for what is right now, start stocking up your canned goods.

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