Nowhere are the differing realities of Wall Street and Main Street more stark than on the issue of housing. Millions of families have lost their part of the American Dream during the last three years due to the fraudulent and abusive practices of the nation’s largest banks. Meanwhile, Wall Street is back to raking in big profits and handing out lavish bonuses.

Crime Shouldn’t Pay is a campaign to ensure that as our nation’s 50 state Attorneys General, who are currently investigating this foreclosure scandal, stand up for everyday people and hold banks fully accountable for the crisis they have created in America.  Any settlement with the banks must include the following principles:

  • Mandatory principal reductions as a first line loan modification tool
  • Criminal penalties for bankers who broke the law
  • Mandatory modification efforts before any foreclosure
  • Restitution for families who’ve lost their homes due to fraud and abuse

You can join the campaign by signing the petition and connecting to one of the 30 groups around the country who are working in their communities to hold the big banks accountable and attain justice for homeowners.

Who Are We

This campaign is organized by a coalition of community, faith-based and labor organizing groups including National People’s Action, PICO National Network, SEIU, Alliance for a Just Society, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Industrial Areas Foundation Southeast and more than 30 local, state and regional groups around the country.