The 50 state Attorneys General are currently investigating the big banks’ mortgage fraud activities that caused millions of us to lose our homes as well as the economic collapse of our communities and country.  We know that the big bankers and their friends are currently lobbying the Attorneys General for a quick settlement that lets them off the hook for their crimes.

We can’t let that happen.  Any strong settlement must hold the big banks accountable, and include the five main points from the “Homeowner’s Bottom Line.” Nothing less is acceptable.

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The Homeowner’s Bottom Line

The baseline for a strong settlement against the big bankers

1) Problem: Bankers are kicking millions of Americans to the curb instead of modifying our loans in a way that benefits both homeowners and our economy.

Solution: Bankers shouldn’t decide who gets loan modification and who is left out. All responsible homeowners deserve fair, affordable, permanent loan modifications. Save our homes. Save our economy.

2) Problem: One out of four American families owes more for their home than what it is worth.  This puts the brakes on the economic recovery and makes our communities unwelcoming places to live.

Solution: Ensure forward momentum for our economy, our workers and our nation.  Restore fairness to the housing market by charging homeowners what their house is really worth, not the inflated figures bankers invented to make record profits.

3) Problem: Homeowners are set up to fail by big banks, before they even begin the fight to live in their home. While homeowners jump through loan modification hoops, the greedy bankers proceed with foreclosure and eviction.

Solution: No seizing homes without investigating all other options, including loan modification and opportunities to appeal any loan denial.

4) Problem: Millions have already lost their homes, including countless numbers illegally.

Solution: Homeowners that have been forced from their home due to fraudulent and criminal behavior by greedy bankers must receive financial restitution for the full market value of their home or the return of their home if not already sold.

5) Problem: There is no one to make bankers follow the laws.

Solution: Attorneys General must require the big banks, and not state governments, to pay for any enforcement needs and capacities laid out in the settlement.

6) Problem: Throughout the entire mortgage process, from origination to servicing and modification, banks and bank executives have consistently broken the law.  But so far, not a single bank or bank executive has had to face justice or pay for their crimes.

Solution: As the top law enforcement officials in our states, Attorneys General must seek criminal penalties as they discover bankers and servicers who broke the law.  Banks and bank executives are not above the law and should not escape the consequences for their illegal actions.

Sign the petition calling for a strong settlement against the big banks.