Glenn Beck is right?!?!

Could this be? Is it true? Did Glenn Beck get something correct on his show last night??
On his Fox show last night, Beck said:

Tomorrow, the National People’s Action, NPA, a good friend of SEIU, is calling for people to flood their Attorney General’s office with phone calls demanding that their Attorneys General stand with the homeowners, not the big banks to investigate foreclosure practices.  I don’t think union members want to destroy America, but if you stay silent you will have the same effect.

Why yes Mr. Beck, National People’s Action, the PICO National Network, Alliance for a Just Society and many more, are asking thousands of people to call their Attorneys General today. The message: We want the Attorneys General to come out in support of a strong settlement that provides justice for millions of Americans and for criminal penalties that hold the big banks accountable.

And yes, silence is damaging to American democracy, so we’re glad to hear that people from around the country have already been calling their Attorneys General offices this morning. The call-in day is a beautiful example of democracy in action and we’re proud to be a part of it.

If you haven’t called your Attorney General today, click here for the information. It takes just three minutes. If you have made your call, please send the information on to your friends, post on Facebook, share on Twitter and more. Let’s get the word out. Let’s show Mr. Beck how right he is.

Watch video below for Glenn Beck on the National Attorneys General Call-In Day (at the 1:10 mark).

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